Graphic design is not just about PhotoShop, pixels and client deadlines — it has a funny side, too.

Here are eight humorous images about graphic design that you can appreciate, especially if you're a designer.

1. How would you like your Graphic Design?

Graphic design and Marketing - What you pay for

2. We love your style but...

Graphic Design and Marketing - Love your style but

3. Could you do an actual logo?

Branding and Graphic Design - Logo instead of a font

4. The target audience is everyone.

Marketing and Graphic Design - Target audience

5. We charge by the awesome.

Graphic Design and Marketing - Charge by the awesome

6. I really like the color but...

Graphic Design and Marketing - Change the color

7. The designer and the client.

Graphic Design and Marketing - Designer versus client

8. Lorem ipsum is what language?

Graphic Design and Marketing - lorem ipsum

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