How to Connect with the Heart & Soul of Your Brand
What’s the purpose of your business?
Why do your customers connect with you?
What differentiates your business from its competitors?

These are all questions every company, organization, and individual must ask in order to get clear on what the core of their brand represents.

In this fast-paced world, everyone from Fortune 500 companies to teenagers on Instagram are projecting a brand. However, there’s a difference between just projecting a brand and building a brand that connects.

Eben Greene, Founder & Brand Champion sharing his insights on brand discovery

Winning brands have soul.

Yes a brand includes a logo, tagline, color scheme, and imagery. But at its core, a brand is so much more.

A brand that has soul shares a passion with its customers. A brand with soul finds ways to connect with consumers on an authentic level. A brand with soul aligns itself within communities to further cultivate soulful connections.

Your brand is the personality behind your business.

“Soul branding” goes beyond its products. It builds a bridge between the values of its customers and fosters a community of like-minded individuals to further its mission. Consumers are demanding more authenticity and transparency from the brands before deciding to align themselves with a company’s products and services.

By getting clear on the bigger picture and how their brand fits in it, a business can save itself a ton of backtracking. No one ever said that defining a brand was easy, but as Revlon said “it’s worth it.”

So how can you begin defining (redefining) your brand? Here are seven helpful tips:

1: Define your ideal customer avatar.
2. What are their values?
3. Why they value these things?
4. Are your values congruent with your avatars?
5. What difference do you want your business to make?
6. What motivates your desires?
7. Dig deeper and ask “why” after each statement.

The effect of purpose-driven messaging is the key to growing your businesses and increasing your social impact.

By authentically telling a story with your brand, you are inadvertently connecting with your target audience. The story you align your brand with is the most essential foundation your business will ever carve out for itself.

Are you ready to take a stand for your brand?

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