Just like the individuals that run a company, organizations earn credibility with each passing year and they deserve to take credit for their advanced position, experience and expertise.  With the help from your creative team or an outside firm; these milestones are a great marketing opportunity.  

Before embarking on a marketing anniversary campaign leveraging your company’s years of experience, take the time to have your team answer some of the following questions:

  • Has our audience changed or stayed the same, and in what way?
  • Does our brand story and messaging still resonate with them?
  • What actions do we want our partners, clients, vendors, friends and family to take in response to an anniversary celebration?
  • What results are we seeking and how much is that worth?


How much time do I need to plan an anniversary campaign?

The time it takes to plan a successful anniversary will vary depending on its scale. Recently, we developed the campaign for Bartell Drugs, a family-owned chain of drug stores in the Pacific Northwest. For their 125th anniversary campaign, we began the planning phase two years in advance. With over 64 stores and a rapidly evolving target audience due to Seattle’s large transplant community, their VP of Marketing knew the 125th celebration would require an external creative partner to manage all the moving parts of a large-scale anniversary, including audience research, branding, signage, billboards, scheduling and vendor relations.

Marketing Anniversary Event for Bartell Drugs Seattle

What elements should I include in an anniversary campaign?

An anniversary campaign is more than signage and a few events. As with your overall brand, an anniversary campaign begins with authentic messaging and should be incorporated throughout all customer touchpoints. Kitsap Transit, responsible for transporting 4 million Bremerton and Port Orchard residents annually decided to update their brand in honor of their 30th year in business. Updating all of Kitsap’s marketing, we integrated a new communication strategy and design platform that adopted the tagline “Connecting Communities” and launched an advertising campaign with the slogan “Be Transported” which was adopted in vehicle graphics, commercials and print collateral.

Marketing Anniversary Campaign vehicle graphics

What should be my goals for an anniversary campaign?

Your anniversary is a great opportunity to highlight your company’s success or hit the reset button with a timely rebrand.  It’s also the perfect chance to:

  • Build loyalty by expressing gratitude to the individuals and organizations who supported your growth.
  • Engage a new audience with events and activities.
  • Attract media attention to your product or service.
  • Give back to the community that supported your growth.


Seattle Repertory Theatre, the largest nonprofit resident theatre in the Pacific Northwest, contacted us to initiate a rebrand and launch a new membership program for their 50th anniversary in an effort to increase brand awareness, expand their audience and improve box office sales. To accomplish their list of goals, we developed a anniversary campaign, “Share Theatre,” built to inspire the existing patrons to gift a night at the theatre to someone new. From there, we launched their newly branded Play Pass membership program, which was redeemed over 6,000 times.

Marketing and Graphic Design Mailer for Seattle Repertory Theatre

Need help planning your next company anniversary?

We’re here to help you make the most of your experience and success. 

Setup a call today to discuss your next marketing initiative around your anniversary.

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