Each of our rooms has a unique name related to our brand culture, with great meaning. Each room has its own personality along with the individuals that work within its walls.

Positivity Plaza: Our entry way into the United Creations office. We have each of our ValYou symbols on display, a massage chair and Jason is always there to greet you.

Collaborativity Center: Our main conference room. With a circular table and large monitor, it allows the team to work collaboratively and for clients to discuss their projects and goals.

Change Chamber (Chill Chamber): Our second meeting room complete with couches is a relaxed mixed-use space for creatives and bean-counters alike to brainstorm, relax or meet for happy hour.

Flo-Zone: Where our executives hang their hats and make sure that everything is flowing as it should be.

Art Alley: The space to store our art supplies used to prep for client presentations and internal projects.

Integreatness: The power room for our Account Management, Sales and Marketing team. When you come in here, you’re walking into greatness!

The Tree House: The room with the best light in the office, where our print deigner and web developer get a view of trees both inside AND outside the window.

BrandLand: This is where much of the magic happens and where our clients’ brands come to life!

Creativity Cafe: The kitchen, most important room in the office.

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