Thoughtful, quality copywriting is an essential part of successful branding. It is an effective way to share your organization’s story and services with customers, the public and employees. However, many struggle with developing authentic, original brand messages that align internal culture, let alone copy that resonates with customers.

So, how do you improve your copywriting? Here are six steps you can take to make your brand messaging and copywriting work for you:

1. Tell a meaningful story

Consumers make the majority of their decisions based on emotion. If you can make an emotional connection with your audience through copywriting, the odds of them taking the desired action will increase – whether that means clicking, downloading, buying or filling out a contact form. If your organization has something unique, such as an inspirational brand story or office environment, incorporate it into your website’s ‘About Us’ section and help your audience feel the connection.

2. Start at the end

When it comes to copywriting, it’s important to get to the point. People naturally want to set the stage before making the pitch, but if you grab the reader’s attention with the payoff early, they’ll be more likely to dig into the details. Think less “once upon a time” and more “happily ever after.”

3. Know your target audience

It sounds obvious, but market knowledge is often overlooked or based on assumptions. Identify exactly who your target audience is and develop messaging and copywriting focused on your reader’s point-of-view. For example, avoid using technical jargon when writing for consumers, and avoid writing in a formal tone if you are writing for a younger audience.

4. Keep it simple

With over 4.5 billion web pages in the world today, customers tend to skim through information. They scan pages for content that is relevant to them or addresses their specific needs. Using simple vocabulary will help them digest your content with ease. The faster your audience is able to gather information from your messaging and copywriting, the more likely they are to take the action you desire.

5. Sell the benefits

People tend to care less about the finer points of your products and services than about how they can help them achieve their goals. Your copywriting should clearly explain how your products or services can benefit your customers and why they should take action.

6. Share persuasive reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials support the benefit claims of your products or services, and establish credibility around your organization. If you have great reviews or client testimonials, share them. If you don’t, ask for them. Not only can this help you articulate your value, it may also generate repeat or referral business.

How we help

United Creations recently assisted Ballard Hardware & Supply in their transformation to Ballard Industrial after more than 60 years in business. The company’s second-generation owners came to us with the unique challenge of liberating their brand from an inaccurate perception as a retail hardware store. It was time to communicate who they really are: a full-service solution-oriented industrial supply company with clients ranging from manufacturing and maritime to aerospace and biotech. Through close collaboration, we delivered a new brand identity, brand message, copywriting and interactive design that energized the company’s culture of expertise, commitment and problem-solving.

Are you ready to review your brand messaging and copywriting? Get a free consultation on what you can do to improve your brand by contacting the United Creations’ team at

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