Imagine that your business is a car driving down the freeway that suddenly slams on the brakes. Within a few seconds, you come to a complete stop. Ahead of you is a major “cash flow” traffic jam. You feel stuck as you slowly inch along. When the fuel light turns on, you can only hope to reach the next exit in time.

On the side of the road you notice a curious billboard that asks this question: “Where do sales come from?” It occurs to you the answer might accelerate your business growth and could help you get back on the road with a full tank of gas. Just in time, you coast down the exit ramp and pull into a service station. You begin fueling, thinking about what it could be. Sales comes from marketing, right? Maybe a brand? Or a website? Advertising and PR? Client referrals? Essentially, sales is a combination of all these things. But what mixture does it comprise of? Just when you start the engine, it comes to you: relationships.

Yes, the formula’s that simple. Sales = relationships. People close deals every day by connecting with buyers and their needs with the right benefits, features, price and value. Customers instinctively seek trust in the brands they choose. Successful businesses sell by creating a meaningful connection between their brand (products/services) and their market. Your company, like a car, competes for market share as it navigates the road ahead.

Despite this general road map, many stall out or take a wrong turn. Getting stuck in traffic in a fast-tech-world is the norm. However, at each phase of business growth, it never hurts to look underneath the hood of your sales engine. Make sure your brand and marketing strategies are oiled, checked out and fine tuned. Drive safely.

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