A creative change agency integrates everything you would expect from a modern marketing firm with forward-thinking change management and change leadership services. 

By Eben Tobias Greene, President & Vision Keeper

Over the years, we have had the honor to serve a wide range of clients with authentic design solutions for brand and marketing communications, but we noticed that more and more organizations were struggling to innovate and adapt to rapid shifts in their industry.In fact, many seemed lost and welcomed our help to clarify their vision, voice and values. Complex issues impacting all aspects of their business were being sorted out in the branding process. The more disorder we resolved, the more useful our tools and creative became to the client.

Today, we don't just complete projects, we unite people and organizations, making sure our solutions support short and long-term goals. We do this by working closely with our clients to build brand culture based on shared values that inspire positive action. But why do we do this? 

Organizational change initiatives fail 70% of the time, according to John Kotter in his book “Leading Change.” However, successful brand marketing often saves the day by moving organizations forward. The problem is marketing departments and creative agencies can only steer business innovation and culture so far. The opportunity they miss is to transform disjointed organizations into thriving industry leaders. To do this, all of our roles must embrace change management as a core competency. Whatever your role is in the marketing industry, you are an agent of change; you bring new concepts to life from leading edge responsive websites, social media campaigns to animated videography.

Here are four ways you can take the lead as a champion of change:

Business Innovation – Embrace changes that move your organization forward and let go of old models that get in your way. To do this, clarify your vision, map it out and put the best ideas into action. Scheduling success takes time; use tools that visualize your goals and projects and get buy-in at each stage of the process.

Brand Differentiation – Find the most authentic way to express who you are, what you stand for and where you are going as an organization. To do this, try not to follow a formula or mimic what everyone else is doing. Demonstrating your uniqueness takes courage, but will result in the right “vibraphonics.” 

Culture Integration – Enable people in your organization to lead change by blending new knowledge, tools and behaviors that support your brand and values. We follow Prosci's ADKAR® model for personal change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement. We also developed a visual tool called a Brand Culture Compass™ that guides decisions. Ultimately, getting people on the same page takes communication and patience.

Marketing Orchestration - Analyze, organize and optimize with simple and actionable plans designed to bring your change to life with powerful and consistent messaging across multiple channels. Establishing a Brand Messaging Framework and a strategic ChangeMap™ allows successful collaboration that supports the integrity of your brand and business goals.

The premise is that a healthy company culture is a valuable shared experience that can be leveraged to increase brand loyalty and sales.

Bring Your Change to Life

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