We Are United Creations

Located in Seattle’s Green Lake neighborhood, our team of designers, web developers, copywriters and strategists apply their combined years of experience, research and intuition when exploring creative solutions that will drive success for your organization. 

Understanding your brand culture — the shared vision, voice and values of your organization — is the foundation of our client-centric process. Our team is highly skilled at helping company leadership and employees navigate the layers of change between what their brand is and what they want it to be. We provide the tools to help our clients innovate, differentiate, integrate and orchestrate their marketing to resonate across all channels. 

We Stand for:


Ideas that truly resonate hit at a deep level, where we are the most alike and united. Soulful communication is the only kind of marketing worth doing.


Living in alignment with one’s core self results in the confidence of others, freedom of spirit and personal well-being.


Now more than ever, people are seeking authentic connections that lead to abundance. Collaborative synergy is the product of trust and respect.


We honor the ability to express ourselves as a path toward self-discovery, growth and understanding.

We Value:


Trusting relationships that foster creativity are open and collaborative; allowing us to develop and recognize the best solutions. We trust the process.


Trust and respect are like the chicken and the egg. You’ll never know which came first in a relationship, but if you don’t have one, you don’t have the other.


Congruent values + Shared goals + Supportive culture = Inspired ideas


A deeper connection to purpose in actualizing one’s goals is about creating positive opportunities to grow whole.

Eben Greene

Vision Keeper

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Robin Sciarra

Director of Client Services

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Dan Walker

Brand Strategy & Messaging

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Mark Kanning

Interactive Services

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Michael David

Interactive Services

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Devon DeLapp

Interactive Associate

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Everett Lawson

Digital Marketing Consultant

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Evan Scott

Strategic Marketing Leader

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Dwayn Fricke

Interactive Services

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Our Origin Story: Communicating change with the times.

In 1988, Eben Greene made hats. Working out of a studio in Olympia, he designed a line of clothes featuring unique and colorful headwear. Clothing design eventually led to commercial design, and in 1991, E-Studio was born to help several area merchants brand and promote themselves. A move to Seattle in 1995 marked a new era for the growing business, which in 1996 became known as Eben Design. By the year 2000, Eben Design had established itself as an award-winning brand marketing firm. At that point, the company re-positioned itself as a creative change agency, presenting an innovative approach to developing brand culture and integrated marketing, which culiminated in a name change to United Creations in 2014. Today, we provide full-service solutions to support a wide range of industry-leading clients.

Are you a self-motivated rockstar? Join our team!

Featured Community Project: SOWA

School’s Out Washington (SOWA), the nation's longest-running Afterschool Youth Development (AYD) intermediary, was selected as United Creations non-profit beneficiary for pro bono branding and design services as the winner of our "This Brand Is Your Brand" contest. Some of the things that set them apart from the other applicants was their longevity, leadership and focus. We worked with them to get to the core of what they're all about, which is supporting and enhancing youth development programs across Washington state through training, funding and advocacy. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to help launch them into 2015 and beyond with a new brand foundation that will be reflected in all of their print and interactive materials. For full details on this project, visit our SOWA Change Story page.

Bring your best self forward.

"Be You More" is a philosophy that we here at United Creations really get behind because we believe that when you are living your values and showing up as your best self, the world will be a more energized and rewarding place to be. To put this belief into practice, we set up a booth at Seattle’s Bumbershoot music and arts festival in 2014 and invited the public to align themselves with one of Eben’s 49 ValYous™. We asked them what it means to live that ValYou™ and were curious how it helped them to be their most authentic self. We captured stills of people posing with their chosen ValYou™ and produced a video of the day's events (see reel to the right). In October 2015, we hosted an art exhibition and interactive art party at A/NT Gallery featuring eight artists' visual interpretations of these same ValYous™. To see the art collection, or inquire about setting up a similar ValYou™ art display, contact Sheri.

Be a part of a culture unlike any other.

Every company has a unique personality that becomes apparent to the people who work there. As a creative change agency, it’s our job to communicate that personality through a brand that gives the outside world an authentic understanding of who and what makes that organization tick.

Similarly at United Creations, our brand culture is finely tuned, but dynamic, ready to evolve with each new person who joins our team. As a member of our close-knit team, you will be treated to a creative lexicon that may require a glossary. You will be introduced to our Star Of The Month (SOTM) program, our Know to Grow learning series, monthly happy hours, ValYou™ Art Center workshops and vibe-high hand hugs. Are you curious to know more? If we are currently hiring, the job title will be listed below with a link to a detailed description.

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