Words matter.*

As the director of brand strategy, naming, messaging and copywriting services at United Creations, I enjoy helping organizations connect with their markets by crafting language that reverberates on both logical and emotional levels. After receiving an English degree from Lehigh University in my home state of Pennsylvania, I set out to explore the country, living and working in Sequoia National Park, Kirkwood Ski Resort and Athens, Georgia before finally settling in Ballard in 2002. Outside of work I play music in my band The Wayside and enjoy snowboarding and hanging with my wife and three sons.

*This is a joke. If you don't get it, just start looking for the word "matter" in taglines, ads, etc. It's everywhere.

branding, marketing and copywriting - Dan Walker

Connection Points

Hometown: West Chester, PA 

Core Value: Expression 

At Green Lake I: Get ideas 

Passion: Guitar(s) 

Movie: Spinal Tap 

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