Devon brings to life effective website design and development projects.

As project lead and creative director for over a decade, my national and regional clients include Microsoft, Environmental Defense Fund, Kiewit, ESPN, Cycle University, and Cambodia Tomorrow.

Previously, I worked for the acclaimed design firm BLIND on projects for Toyota, Quiksilver, FOX, Lincoln Financial, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Microsoft’s XBox. My career began as a designer at the University of Washington, where I created web and print communications for thirteen centers, institutes, and laboratories within the School of Public Health. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design from the University of Washington.

web development, interactive design and graphic design - Devon DeLapp

Connection Points

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Font Type: Whatever is most appropriate for the situation. So, Helvetica.

First Job: Tech support for a Spokane ISP

Sport: Bicycle

Theme Song: Autumn Leaves (jazz standard)

Condiment: Mayonnaise

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