Seeing the path ahead is about looking within.

Since 1991, I have been charting and navigating changes for businesses. I'm empowered to develop authentic brands by uniting the vision, voice and values and transforming company cultures to grow market share. I believe creativity is how innovation is expressed within successful organizations. As far as mission's go, mine is to help clients realize their full potential and clearly communicate their value. I am energized by industry leaders who take a stand for their brand and their people who make a positive impact.  As the Vision Keeper of the United Creations team, I ensure the delivery of exceptional work and the integrity of client relationships. When I'm not participating in key creative processes, I'm focused on new business development.

graphic design, branding and marketing - Eben Greene

Connection Points

Hometown: Yellow Springs, Ohio 

At Green Lake I: Run, Swim & Play 

Color: Sea Green 

Song: Moonshadow

Saying: Let it unfold

Passion: Ideas

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Culture Building Brands

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