Mark has a curiosity for all aspects of web development.

Moving  to Seattle in 1994, I began to work on website design and development. I pride myself in being a problem solver and educator. I enjoy the process of seeking solutions and sharing my knowledge with the United Creations team and our partners. My colleagues would say I have a strong sense of humor and although I claim to hate musicals, I'm also the most likely to burst into song more than anyone else on the team.

Besides pushing pixels, I also write and play music, drink too much coffee and chill out with my girls…sometimes all at once.

Web development, graphic design - Mark Kanning

Connection Points

Hometown: Shelby, Montana 

At Green Lake I: Participate in a weekly Libation Consumption Bureau 

Color: Plaid 

Eats: Peanut Butter 

Hero/Role Model: Han Solo 

TV Show: Seinfeld

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