Change and challenges.

Bartell Drugs, the nation’s oldest family-owned drugstore chain, partnered with United Creations to re-energize their brand strategy, re-engineer their web development and spearhead their 125th Anniversary marketing campaign. We did all that and much more in partnership with a lot of great people. 

Washington's Own Drugstore was adapting to many changes on its home turf, including the entry of yet another national drugstore chain, not to mention a few hundred thousand new residents who had never heard of Bartell Drugs. The third generation of the Bartell family realized the need to shore up the company's brand strategy and align their values for future success. That's where we came in.

Brand Strategy and Standards

Bartell Drugs has been a Northwest tradition for generations. As is often the case with a long-established brand, the assets used over the years have been scattered and changed here and there. Logo line thickness, brand colors and fonts have evolved and been replaced. We conducted a comprehensive brand audit to identify all the brand pieces being used and then carefully cleaned it up and set usage standards.


For well over a century, Bartell Drugs has provided generations of Seattleites with warm service, essential health resources and special treats. It was time for their logo to be accompanied by a statement that reflects the historical, unique and truly local role the company has played in this area. 

Sub Programs Branding and Signage

Part of solidifying the brand was exploring opportunities to extend it by updating store signage and branding special programs to bring attention to differentiating aspects of the Bartell culture and services.

Signage and Programs Out in the Wild

A redesign of the weekly flyer incorporated many of the brand refinements with a more engaging layout and voice. Refreshed pricing signage includes more detail while streamlining the appearance.

A complete overhaul of the employee manual and creation of the Red Vest service program brought new energy and cohesion to internal materials.

125th Anniversary Marketing Campaign

An anniversary this big certainly deserved its own logo design. We wanted to keep a balanced focus on the company and the community that has supported it for all these years. 

High quality print marketing pieces helped the company raise substantial vendor advertising funds in advance of their 125th anniversary celebration. 

Back Then & Beyond

Store-wide hanging banners highlighted the timeless values and forward-thinking services that have defined the company from the start.


Timeline banners hanging over the aisles provided a visual history of the company while introducing the new tagline.

Billboard Series

When we discovered that Bartell Drugs' 125th Anniversary was just a couple of months after Washington's 125th, we seized the opportunity to express the company's local pride while setting the stage for their own celebration.

Special Edition Wine and Beer

If we had to pick a favorite project, it might just be the commemorative wine and craft beer packaging design we developed in collaboration with the Bartell family and local vendors. The Founder's Reserve was designed in honor of George Bartell, Sr., while Boxcar Hopper was a collaboration with local brewery Schooner Exact. For the beer, we developed the complete concept, including naming, label design and copywriting. By the way, the two guys riding the boxcar are George Sr.'s great grandsons, Hugh and Neal Barber.

Interactive Design & Web Develompent

We designed and developed a flexible, responsive website around customers' needs with an eye toward future neighborhood-based outreach.

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