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With its 30th anniversary approaching, Kitsap Transit was ready to re-energize their branding, improve their interactive design to be modern and user-focused and update other marketing materials to promote the agency’s service-driven culture, as well as the benefits of public transportation.

As a public agency, Kitsap Transit also needed to demonstrate prudent and effective use of taxpayer dollars in communicating its range of offerings it provides to the many communities that make up the Kitsap peninsula. 

Brand Development

Adding a burst of color and flexible layout options enabled Kitsap Transit to give its fleet an eye-catching update while retaining existing elements to avoid a costly overhaul.

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Branding in action

From new vehicle graphics to banners and promotional items, we helped Kitsap Transit coordinate a highly visible brand relaunch in time for their 30th Anniversary. 

Worker / Driver Marketing Campaign

Driving to and from work at Kitsap County’s Puget Sound Naval Shipyard every day is not easy. If only there were someone who could save people from the cost and hassle of parking, buying gas and sitting in traffic. But wait, Kitsap Transit’s Worker / Driver program has been rescuing people from all of these things since the 1940s.

The character of Captain Kitsap is a custom illustration inspired by classic comics. 

Captain Kitsap takes to the air

Move over, Marvel. United Creations has entered the animated superhero genre with this commercial to promote Kitsap's Worker-Driver program. We created the script, storyboard and animation for the project, which was casted, shot and edited with one of our trusted videography partners. 

Interactive Design & Website

Delivering on the brand values of convenience and service was the primary goal of the new Kitsap Transit website. Providing easy access to helpful online tools and information, the new interactive design is a visually appealing update that is much simpler to navigate and manage.

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