Bringing simple elegance and focused message to capture 50 years of performing arts excellence was a rewarding challenge. Their new branding included logo design, a tagline and a messaging playbook, bringing their contemporary and traditional sides together in a dramatic way.

Logo Design & Tagline

Branding & Share Theatre Marketing Campaign

Seattle Rep won a prestigious grant to create a subscriber-powered gift program to drive attendance. We named and branded the marketing campaign as Share Theatre, complete with a brand story that promoted the unifying power of live theatre, as well as supporting materials such as the Play Pass gift card and various communications to encourage and recognize active participants. The response was overwhelmingly positive and generated a log of excitement and attendance for the season, in addition to paving the way for the SRT rebrand.

Brand Identity

Booklet Design

Marketing Collateral Design

Share Theatre Direct Mail Campaign Design

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Other Branding Work

Culture Building Brands

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