Cannabis grows up.

Talk about change… We never thought we would see the day when we’d be branding and marketing a legal cannabis business. The opportunity to explore what a sophisticated cannabis brand development could be had as much to do with the vision of our client as it did with I-502. The Solstice team’s commitment to quality and long-term success enabled and inspired us to produce a high end brand that would appeal to both the medicinal customer and the connoisseur.

Brand Development Goals: Define, Differentiate, Elevate.

A new industry is taking shape around a product that has a long and controversial brand all its own. Solstice is helping to usher in a new era of wellness and personal freedom with branding that communicates respect and responsibility.

Logo Design


The “sunflake” icon represents the source of healing energy and illumination, qualities that have been valued by cultures throughout the ages. The icon is based on a geometric pattern that abstracts the intricate elements of the cannabis flower.


A sophisticated serif font and warm-cool color palette were used to create a balanced, high end, modern feel. The warm yellow invokes the sun and sativa while the calming nature of indica strains is represented by the blue. 

Packaging Design

Solstice wanted to set a tone of professionalism, quality and genuine respect for the plant and those who value its many benefits. 

Web Development

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